Setting up the Tecno Camon C9 Eye Scanner - guide

The TECNO Camon C9 plus TECNO camon C7 are the latest and un arguably the most beautiful camera phone in the brands history. Among their awesome specifications are the eye scanner and the T-band. However, the eye scanner on the device is the purpose of this review.
In a bid to improve the security provided by the device, the eye scanner was built. I have heard and read lots of reviews about it, then I decided to test if it is merely a gimmick or a perfectly good idea.

How to set up the camon c9 eye scanner

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The eye scanner is located in the ‘security and management’ section of the settings on the device. It is termed ‘Eyeprint Verification’. On opening it, you will be asked to input your password for identification; and passwords can only be four digits.

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Immediately you are identified, the eyeprint manager is launched, and by clicking it, this is seen;

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You are told to re-register or delete eye print, after which the method of the eyeprint verification is revealed. On launching it, you will be told to register it in a well-lit and stable environment, face smartphone directly and place eye within frame. However, the distance between the face and mobile is 30cm the use of glasses is not recommended.
The method of scanning goes to show that this is what is expected of you when you want to unlock your device for real. In cases where you are in an environment that is not as lit as the environment you registered it, it might not give you the acquired result. In other words, the TECNO Camon C9 is semi subject to light. 

End Result

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What you should know
The 8 optical lens of the Camon C9 camera has been designed to produce more light. It also comes with a 2.0 aperture which is a light producing factor. Without the amazing lens provided by the camera, the eye scanner will be blind to ones eyes when in a dark environment, but the camera has been able to enhance the result the eye scanner gives you.
The eye scanner can register at least 5 different identities. This means that you can register 5 times in different environments (both well lit, averagely lit and dark). Registering in different environments can enhance the results the Camon C9 eye scanner gives you. There is amazingly an opportunity to selectively encrypt applications.

I had mentioned earlier that the purpose of this review is to reveal if the eye scanner on the Camon C9 is merely a gimmick or a good move, and I can boldly score it 85%. The remaining 15% is being held because of its relative subjectivity to light, asides that, TECNO Camon C9 is a perfect device, and very affordable too. TECNO has given us a decent value for the price of the Camon C9 especially with its extra amazing camera, T Band, eye scanner, user experience and general performance.

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