Become A T-STAR By Participating In The HI-Wallpaper Contest

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Keeping our T-Fans encouraged is what we do best, and here is another awesome opportunity to do that.If you do miss out from this contest, it is as good as missing out on 100 million US Dollars!

Watch here:
1. Theme: Hi-Wallpaper Contest
2. Duration: July 20 – Aug 15 (Around 3 weeks)
3. Country: Nigeria/Tanzania/Kenya/Egypt/Ghana
4. Participants: All registered T.SPOT users with a profile pic using any brand of mobile phone
Simply Use your mobile phone to capture the most beautiful landscape and share on the comment below this thread to win an Amazing Prize;

What are the Amazing Prizes?

1. Common Prize:
1st Winner: C9 (1) + T-Band (1)
2nd Winner: C7(1) or J8 (1) + T-Band (1)
3rd Winner: C7(1) or J8 (1)
4th to 10th Winner: T-Band (7)
2000th work in comment of this thread: C9 (1)
Randomly select extra 10 Winners excluding above:Tecno Gifts (10)

Winners are Ranked by “agree” achieved from high to low, it’s better to share this thread to your social media networks, ask your family, friends, colleagues, roommate, school mates etc to participate by clicking agree button to support your entry;

2. Ultimate Prize:

  • 3 Landscape images will be selected and featured as default Hi-wallpaper on our next smart phone!!!
  • 1 landscape image will be selected and featured as start-up image on TECNO Spot App for 1 month;
  • Only vertical landscape images will be accepted;

Participants acquiesce that copyright for the works belongs to TECNO Mobile, Also, TECNO Mobile has right to modify and use the works, participants has no right to claim for any charge or requests for the works; Will sign the legal agreement with the 4 winners;

Just Imagine that Plenty of International TECNO users will see that you and your country as honorable, you’ll be a T-Star !!!

All winners and capture skilled fans would be allowed join our elite group “Capture Talent” on TECNO Spot to contribute your feeling and skills for other fans to learn and read, and excellent welfare is waiting you!!!

How to participate and win the Prize?

1. You need to register an account on TECNO Spot before participating in this contest;

2. You should post your best landscape picture and type Caption (Country & Name) below pic to the same comment of this thread only, otherwise it will be invalid; Comment Example:
image 2351wallpe 2 - Become A T-STAR By Participating In The HI-Wallpaper Contest

4. You can only post 1 landscape image with Caption and 1 comment only, 2 or more images in 1 comment or in more comments would be invalid;

5. You have both channel to participate the contest which are TECNO Spot Website and TECNO Spot app which would be released soon

6. Winners list update will be announced on this thread as well on Aug 20th, while Winners can go to local office to get the prize or send by express (express fee is not included);

7. Same participant can not win twice;
8. Those who go against these rules will be disqualified;

If any queries please go to Hi-Wallpaper Contest FAQ to drop your comment , our staff will reply you in time;

It’s Now!!! Come on in and join this fun activity and be a T-STAR! Good Luck!

Source; Tecno-Spot

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