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T-Spot app has been released for several months. It was developed to provide a platform for TECNO consumers to help one another, solve daily problems, search for fresh and interesting ideas of applying technology, hold activities with awards,and find trivial beauties in everyday life. Thanks to your enthusiastic feedback's, our engineers have come up with the latest version of T-Spot. We hereby would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the admins, moderators and beta testers for your feedback's and kind suggestions. We are always listening.

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Any app has some drawbacks, and T-Spot is no exception. We will continue to improve and update it from time to time.
It is our commitment to develop a convenient and practical app that accommodates different tastes and well demonstrates your personalities.

The Tecno spot user interface
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Where to download the Tecno spot app

Click the link below to try the latest version! If any queries, bugs, suggestions, please kindly drop your comments below this thread;
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PS: Download app, upload photo, and simply participate in Hi-Wallpaper contest !

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