How to Identify a Fake or Original Tecno phone

How to Identify a Fake or Original Tecno phone and battery: Sadly for us Tecno users, you and I know that our market has been filtered by fake vendors who are selling us clones (copies of phones), it has become very difficult to differentiate between fake and original Tecno phones.

The look exactly like our phones but are very fake, they perform poorly, wear out fast, are not guaranteed by Tecno, they are not worth what you pay for them and they will never serve you.
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Well we good news for everybody, you can now know if your phone is fake. So, before you pay for your new phone, you are advised to use our FAKE PHONE DETECTOR, it’s actually a new tool by tecno to stop the sale of fake phones to it consumer’s

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How to Check a fake or original Tecno phone


To check if you are using an original or fake Tecno phone CLICK HERE and you will be taken to Tecno’s phone checking center.

All you need do is provide the [first] IMEI on your Tecno phone. If asked for the VC (e.g. for C9 and C7 users), open the back of your phone and you will find it written on the battery cover. Then hit submit.

If the phone is genuine, it will say, “Welcome to use original Tecno Phone.” If it is fake, you will be told (not sure what it says as mine proved genuine).


How to check original or fake Tecno battery

Below there, you can check if your battery is genuine by keying in your serial number (SN) found in the “About Phone” section in your device.

Stay safe. Check this before you leave any vendor’s shop. Buy genuine Tecno!


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