What's the Time ? PHANTOM 6 O'Clock

PHANTOM 6 O'clock, it's PHANTOM day, it's PHANTOM time.

image 4251 - What's the Time ? PHANTOM 6 O'Clock

The countdown is over we're left with only
Some hours until the Phantom Is Unleashed.

It is that time of the year again when Tecno is set to launch their latest flagship device if you have been following Tecno official social media sites you have probably seen Tecno teasing the device for some time now with Hashtags such as:


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The wait is over Phantom 6 will be launched tomorrow, going by this tweet the event will be held in Dubai.

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Being a follower of Tecno twitter page, I saw this

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A dual camera? Your guess is good as mine

Can't wait for the launch ? read on tecno phantom 6 and tecno phantom 6 plus what we can expect

Anyway lets hope Tecno will provide us with a link whereby we can stream the Phantom 6 launch live from Dubai which is also known as the City Of Gold.

Source Tecno-spot

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