Slot Nigeria Phones List and Price in Nigeria 2017

Slot Nigeria Phones List and Price in Nigeria 2017 -  this this will provide you with Slot Nigeria mobile phones list and their current price in Nigeria. Check out Slot NG Phone lists and Prices below:

NOTE: This prices may vary from one state to state, usually + or – N2000 naira. 

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Slot Nigeria Phones and Price in Nigeria.

This list of Slot NG phones includes Tecno, Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Nokia Infinix, Sony, Gionee,  and Huawei phones.

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Slot Phones Infinix

Below are Slot phones infinix and their prices in Nigeria
Infinix Hot 4 /Hot 4 Pro / Hot 4 Lite: N44,500 / 52,000 / 38,000.
Infinix Note 3 / Note 3 Pro: N64,000 / 71,000.
Infinix Hot Note 2 (1GB RAM): N41,000.
Infinix Hot Note 2 (2GB RAM): N45,000.
Infinix Zero 3: N59,500.
Infinix Zero 4: N95,500.
Infinix Hot Note 2 X510 (1GB RAM): N41,000.
Infinix Hot 2 Note X510 (2GB RAM): N45,000 Naira.
Infinix Hot 3 LTE (2GB RAM): N44,000.
Infinix Hot 3 (1GB RAM): N35,500.
Infinix Hot S: N55,000.Check Out: Latest and Best Infinix phones 2017

Slot Phones Tecno

Below are Slot Tecno phones and their prices in Nigeria
Tecno 7C Pro: N28,500.
Tecno W4: N32,000.
Tecno W5/W5 Lite: N45,000/50,000
Tecno 8H Droipad: N38,000.
Tecno 8D: N58,000.
Tecno W3/W3 LTE: N28,000/ 31,500.
Tecno Phantom 6/Phantom 6 Plus: N94,000/ 132,000
Tecno Phantom 5: N91,500.
Tecno Y5: N23,000.
Tecno Y6: N26,000.
Tecno WinPad 2: N123,000.
Tecno Boom J8: N48,000.
Tecno Camon C8: N45,500.
Tecno Camon C9/C9 Plus: N61,500/ 71,000.
Tecno Camon C7: N45,900.
Tecno Camon CX Manchester City Edition: N95,000.
Tecno L8: N41,500.
Tecno L8 Plus: N45,000.
Tecno Winpad 10: N63,000.
Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II: 101,000.

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Slot Phones Samsung

Below are Slot Samsung phones and their prices in Nigeria
Samsung Galaxy J1: N34,500.
Samsung Galaxy J7: N120,000.
Samsung Galaxy J2: N49,500.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E: N63,500.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A: N93,000
Samsung Galaxy S5: N97,500.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4: #132,500.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5: N196,500 Naira.
Samsung Galaxy S7: N246,000.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: N298,000.Samsung Galaxy A5: N147,000.
Samsung Galaxy A3 (A300): N57,000.
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016 Variant): N179,000.
Samsung Galaxy A8: N141,000.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: N225,500.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: N210,000.
Samsung Galaxy S6: N144,000.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: N201,000.

Slot Phones Nokia

Below are Slot Nokia phones and their prices in Nigeria
Nokia Lumia 640 XL: N49,000.
Nokia Lumia 1320: N39,000.
Nokia Lumia 540: N28,250.
Microsoft Lumia 625: N24,250.
Microsoft Lumia 1030: N85,500.
Microsoft Epix Mega Two Tab: N49,000.
Nokia 105 Dual Sim: N9,900.
Nokia 222: N17,000 Naira.
Nokia 130: 11,400.
Nokia 215: N8,500.
Nokia 950 XL: N177,000.
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM: N55,750.
Nokia Lumia 650: N60,000.
Nokia Lumia 925: N60,000.
Nokia Lumia 920: N41,000.
Nokia Lumia 930: N108,000.
Nokia Lumia 820: N26,500.
Nokia Lumia 830: N62,000.
Nokia Lumia 550: N32,000.
Nokia Lumia 630: N26,000.

Slot Phones Gionee

Below are Slot Gionee phones and their prices in Nigeria
Gionee M5 Plus: N105,000.
Gionee P5 Mini: N28,500.
Gionee L900: N10,500.
Gionee S6S: N74,000.
Gionee M6: N120,000.
Gionee P5W: N35,500.Gionee S Plus: N46,000 Naira.
Gionee M3: N27,000.
Gionee M5: N76,000.
Gionee M5 Mini: #47,000.

Slot Phones HTC

Below are Slot HTC phones and their prices in naira
HTC Desire 728G Dual: N79,000.
HTC Desire 620G: N55,000.
HTC ONE X9: N150,000.
HTC Desire 626G+: N60,000.
HTC 10: N242,000.
HTC A9: N113,500.
HTC One M9 Plus: N164,000.
HTC ONE M8: N113,000.
HTC ONE M9: N145,000 Naira.
HTC Desire 320 Dual: N29,000.
HTC Desire 828: N111,000.
HTC Desire 820: N105,000.

Slot Huawei Phones

Below are Slot Huawei phones and their prices in Nigeria
Huawei Y3 / Y3C: N20,000 / 20,000.
Huawei G power (Y6 Pro): N59,000.
Huawei GR5 / GR5 Mini: N91,000 / 93,000.
Huawei GR3: N58,000.
Huawei P8 (16GB Storage): N125,000.
Huawei P8 (64GB Storage): N148,000.
Huawei P9: N210,000.
Huawei P9 Plus: N265,000.
Huawei P9 Lite: N103,000.
Huawei Y6 II: N74,000.
Huawei Media Pad M1: N43,000.
Huawei MediaPad T1 10.0: N97,100.
Huawei Y3II: N33,500.
Huawei Ascend Mate 7: N138,000.
Huawei Mate 8: 234,000.
Huawei Mate S (64GB Storage): N176,000.
Huawei Honor 4c: N44,000.

Slot Phones LG

Below are Slot LG phones and their prices in Naira
LG Stylus 2 (K520): N96,000.
LG X Screen (K500D): N68,000.
LG Magna H502: N55,000.
LG G Flex(D958): N124,000.
LG E435: N20,000.
LG G4: N167,000.
LG G5: N250,000.

Slot Phones Innjoo

Below are Slot Innjoo phones and their prices in Nigeria
Innjoo One: 34,000.
Innjoo Max 3 (2G RAM): N51,000.
Innjoo Max 3 Pro (1GB RAM): N35,500.
Innjoo Halo Plus: N28,500.
Innjoo Max 2: N35,000.
Innjoo Fire 2 / Fire 2 Plus: N36,00 / 54,000.

Slot Apple iPhones

Below are Slot Apple phones and their prices in Nigeria
Apple iPhone 6S (64GB Storage): N280,000.
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (16GB): N277,500.
Apple iPad Mini 4: N182,500.
Apple iPad Air Mini 2 (64GB Storage): N168,000.
Apple iPad Air Mini 2 (16GB Storage): N145,500.
Apple Macbook Pro: N260,000.
Apple iPhone 7 (32GB / 128GB): N370,500 / N410,000.
Apple iPhone 6 (128GB Storage): N203,500.
Apple iPhone 6 (16GB Storage): N173,000.
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (64GB Storage): N298,000.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (128GB Storage): N318,500.
Apple iPhone 6S (128GB Storage): N295,500.

Slot Phones Blackberry

Below are Slot Blackberry phones and their prices in Nigeria
Blackberry Q5 (Black): N32,000.
Blackberry Q10 (White): N47,500.
Blackberry Z30: #68,000 – N70,000
Blackberry Z10: N48,250.
Blackberry Z3: N31,500.
Blackberry Leap: N64,000.
Blackberry Priv (Android): N221,000.
Blackberry Classic: N112,000.
Blackberry Passport: N128,500.
Blackberry Passport (Silver Edition): N148,000.
Blackberry 9983 Porsche 3: N248,000.
Blackberry Q5 (White): N36,500.
That’s all on Slot Nigeria phones list and their respective price in Nigeria 2017.

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