Opt for the Hi-Fi Technology and Smart Device with Funtouch OS

Opt for the Hi-Fi Technology and Smart Device with Funtouch OS: Once quoted by Annie Lin, Vivo's Brand Director for Funtouch OS is stated below.

"Vivo's Funtouch OS provides users with a simple, highly-intuitive, yet feature-packed take on the Android operating system. With these features, we provide users with a powerful device that can help them become more productive with functions that are useful in their everyday lives."

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Know a little more about Funtouch OS

Funtouch OS was first launched in December 2013. Since its advent, Funtouch has been used by more than 50 million Vivo smartphone users. So it is now the perfect time that you opt for the latest and best smartphones and offering this OS.

The OS also provides an interface that allows the smoother execution of the apps being available on the mobile device. While the technology is advancing now and then, make sure that you are choosing the trendiest and yet best gadgets and equipment so that they will reduce the human effort.

Now let us dive into why the devices with Funtouch OS are considered with hi-fi technology and smart as well. Have a look!!

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  • User-Friendly Interface

The Funtouch OS with the new UI is much smarter and easier for you to handle. If you simply put the facts together, then you will get to know that Funtouch OS is an Android-based OS that lets you do too many tasks at a time.

These UIs look so exciting to the eyes that when you look at them, you will be mesmerized to the beautiful designs and perfect icons that makes it different from other devices as well.

A newly-designed user interface, Funtouch OS is smarter and easier to handle. Simply put, it is an Android-based operating system that lets you do many things at once, a task deemed impossible till now. Such user interfaces are a treat to the eyes when you look at the colorful, beautifully designed icons displayed on-screen.

It is different from other cell phone interfaces in user-friendliness and design, as it was developed keeping the interests and preferences of the next generation Android phone users in mind.

  • Smart OS

The Funtouch OS always looks smart due to the unique combo of the Smart Wake and Smart Click configuration in the Android device. The iManager is a specialty that can perform several tasks at a time, without any hassles. You can easily stop for the apps that you no longer need.

  • Highly advanced Anti-Virus

With Funtouch OS, you don't need to download an extra application in your device for its protection. The Funtouch OS already comprises of a highly advanced anti-virus which provides foolproof protection in opposition to the junk files, Trojans, viruses, and lot more.

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  • Control Center

The Funtouch OS have an additional notification panel similar to that of the iOS 7. The control center also has some of the space allotted to the recent apps. So it becomes quite confusing to figure out whether Funtouch OS has recent apps screen or not.

  • Battery Friendly OS

The device that use Funtouch OS like Vivo V5 have a normal battery of 3,000 mAh. But while there is Funtouch OS installed on your mobile device, don't worry about your device anymore. The OS is very battery friendly, so it uses the RAM aggressively and lowers the battery consumption.

There are some more experience enhancing functions that fully allows taking the advantage of your smartphone. Good luck and stay surfing with your Funtouch OS installed in the device.


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