Ultimate Guide On How To Download Youtube Videos With Android Devices

How To Download Youtube Videos With Android Devices: For the past few years, there have been so many questions on how to download youtube videos because users will stream and watch hundreds of videos daily and might love to have them on their device but it was an impossible task then, so may tricks and tips was figured out for users but not all worked, some worked while some didn’t.

youtube 1183722 1280 156x300 - Ultimate Guide On How To Download Youtube Videos With Android DevicesToday, we’re here with the 100% working tips on how to download youtube videos on android devices. According to google researches made, it was discovered that youtube is one of the most biggest websites in the world and also, the biggest video streaming site in the world with minimum of 5million visitors daily but the problem with them is that they don.’t give their users access to download the videos after watching but with the tips you’ll discover by the end of this post, you’ll able to download any youtube video of your choice.

How to Download Youtube Videos

So lets get started, the tips on downloading youtube videos with android devices involves two methods:

  • Online Method
  • Through Android Application.

The two methods works fine and are very easy to discover, so i will be putting you up and set for the tips.

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Online Method

This method is also known as the ‘savefromenet download method‘ and it requires accessing youtube videos through the internet and that’s why i call it ‘time consuming method’ because it takes lots of time to finish download but the method is beneficial for pc users and non android users. This method, perhaps, is the first method and is the best method for non android users ’cause an individual using a Nokia E63 can download any youtube video of his/her choice easily and fast without having to beg for android device.

How to download youtube videos using the online method:

  1. Log on to youtube.com
  2. Search for the desired video you want to download
  3. Click on the video you want to download.
  4. Edit the url address of the video and you’ll see something like this: www.youtube.com/bsgtuyBvjNggf
  5. Add ss in the front of of youtube and you’ll have result like this: www.ssyoutube.com/bsgtuyBvjNggf and click to load.
  6. Follow the steps and your video will start to download in few minutes.   The method is very easy and that’s the method i use ’cause i often browse with my pc and that’s why the method is so reliable and easy for me.

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Android Application Method

This is the more reliable method and mostly preferred because it doesn’t require any stress, very easy to use and fast to work on. most users prefer this method over the other method because the other method requires online internet access but this method don’t require such things but their similarities is that they both requires internet access(data bundle). This method requires internet access most because you’ll have to download the application for the tutorial. This method is also known as the ‘one click method’ because it involves only searching and downloading of the video, no editing or any special skills.

Steps On How To Use This Method:

  1. Download Vidmate For Android From google playstore or HERE.
  2. Search for the video you want to download.
  3. After the search results, click on the arrow icon at the right side of the video to start download. You see, very fast and very easy to use. So if you don’t get the first method’ then definitely you must get this method ’cause it’s not too hard like the first one.

Conclusion: With this proven tips on how to download youtube videos, downloading any video you like from youtube in future shouldn’t be something to worry about anymore. hope you’ll try and testify to us if it works for you and don’t forget to always use the comment section any time you have a problem.

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