Download Samsung Cert, Qcn, EFS Files For All Models

Download Samsung Cert, Qcn, EFS Files For All Models: If you are looking for Cert, Qcn, EFS files for Samsung android devices, then you are in the right place. You can download cert, Qcn, EFS files for all Samsung models from here. Just select your device and click on the link to download cert, qcn, efs file for your selected device.

samsung efs cert security qcn 1 - Download Samsung Cert, Qcn, EFS Files For All Models

Whats Are Cert and QCN files used for

Cert : need root to write

Cert : to repair imei serial

QCN : no need root to write

QCN: to repair network problem with 3g or 4g

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Samsung All QCN, Cert, EFS Files Collection Free

Below are links to various Samsung Cert, Qcn , EFS Files For almost All  Samsung Models, tell us using the comment box if cant find your model.

Samsung all Cert file colection

Samsung Device Name                                             Download Links
Samsung Galaxy A3 Cert Files:       A300F      |     A3000
Samsung Galaxy A5 Cert Files:      A500F A500FU A500H A500M    |     A5000   |  A500H     0387
Samsung Galaxy A7   Cer Files:     A700F    |   A700H
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Cert Files:      C101
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Cert Files:         C115
Samsung Galaxy E5 QCN EFS Cert Files:         E500H
Samsung Galaxy E7 QCN Cert Files:          E700H
Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Cert Files:           SM-G110H
Samsung Galaxy Star 2 Cert File:         SM-G130E
Samsung Galaxy ACE NXT NV File:      SM-G31H
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus 2  Cert File:           G350e G350L G350M
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Cert File:           G355H G355HN G355M
Samsung Galaxy ACE Style LTE Cert File:           G357M
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Cert File:          SM-G360T
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime File:           G361F
Samsung Galaxy Avant Cert File:          G386T
Samsung Galaxy Grant Prime Cert File:           G530H G530F G530M
Samsung G710 Galaxy Grant 2 Cert File:       G710
Samsung G730A Galaxy S3 Mini Cert File:       G730A
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Cert File:      G800Y
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Cert File:          G850F G850K G850I G850M
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Cert File:        G870A
Samsung Galaxy S5 Cert File:        G900T G900F G900FD G900H G900V G900MD G900P
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Cert File:          G906S
Samsung Galaxy Round Cert File:               G910F G910s G910t
Samsung Galaxy S6 Cert File:               G920A G920K G920s G920t G920t1 G920f
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cert File:                    G925a G925f G925K G925s G925t G925W8
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Cert File:          G928T
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Duos Cert File:            G3608
Samsung Galaxy Express 2 Cert File:          G3815
Samsung Galaxy Grant 2 Cert File:          G7102
Samsung Galaxy Grant 2 Cert File:          G7105
Samsung Galaxy Grant 2 Cert File:          G7108
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Cert File:         I257
Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Cert File:         I317
Samsung Galaxy S4 Cert File:            I337
Samsung Galaxy S 11 Cert File:        I727
Samsung Galaxy S111 Cert File:          I747
Samsung Galaxy Specs Cert Files:          I8258
Samsung Galaxy Core Cert File:        I8262
Samsung Galaxy Win Cert File:        I8558
Samsung Galaxy Grant Neo Cert File:          I9060_DS
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Cert File:         I9195

Samsung All QCN Files Collection:

Samsung All EFS Files Collection

GT-B5330 EFS




GT-I9060 EFS

GT-I9082 EFS

GT-I9152 EFS

GT-I9506 EFS


GT-S7582 EFS

I317 EFS

I337 EFS


GT-I8260 EFS


GT-I8262 EFS



That’s all on Download Samsung Cert, Qcn, EFS Files For All Models, was this post helpful to you? tell us below using the comment box.

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